Sunday, September 17, 2017

Anti-war films @ Tory St

Thursday 21st September

6pm @ 19 Tory St 

two films:

Hell UnLtd (1936) 

Remote (2017)

War is big business, no matter who's in power the military and surveillance industries ensure that bombs keep dropping. War is not something that just concerns other countries, we are part of the problem.

War starts with NZ companies producing technology for drone warfare, it continues with the GCSB supplying satellite information to US drone pilots and it culminates in the world´s largest weapons manufacturers having a conference in Wellington where they openly discuss how they can make more money out of killing people.

Come and watch the films, and join us for kai and discussion afterwards.

Members of Peace Action Wellington will be present to talk about the annual NZDIA weapons forum happening in Wellington October 10 & 11th.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Film Screening - #WarStartsHere

Thursday, 21 September, 6pm @ 19 Tory St

The Freedom Shop is screening two anti-war films:
  • Hell UnLtd (19min) 
  • Remote (33min)
Hell UnLtd is a 1936 film made as a protest against profits in armaments during a period when fascism was growing throughout Europe. The film is political in nature but, unlike many political films of the period, also heavily experimental, mixing puppets, diagrams, animation, and archival footage at an extremely rapid tempo. It's a classic anti-war /anti-arms trade film calling on people to do something rather than sit dumbly and say 'I can't change anything'. 

Remote is extremely recent. It's a June 2017 film about drone warfare, war,  surveillance, big business and people. The title 'Remote' deliberately plays on the the ideas of remote violence and the  remote society that allows this violence to happen. 
Both films leave us thinking about how we allow the military & surveillance industrial complex to continue. 

So come along and watch the films then stay for some kai, drink and join a discussion about war and what it really means when we say #WarStartsHere

Members of Peace Action Wellington will be present to talk about the annual NZDIA Weapons expo happening in Wellington, October 10 & 11.

Monday, August 7, 2017

aargh! Issue 8

Issue 8 of the Aotearoa Anarchist Review (of Genuine Happiness) is (finally) out! Get yours from the shop ($2) or email us for a copy.

  • On the rising popularity of walls
  • The commoditisation of bodies
  • How we run the world
  • Who to vote for - by your star sign
  • Book reviews
  • And more...

Friday, July 28, 2017

New books have arrived

We have new books on a range of subjects -

The state of the world

How Did We Get into this Mess?, based on his powerful journalism, assesses the state we are now in: the devastation of the natural world, the crisis of inequality, the corporate takeover of nature, our obsessions with growth and profit and the decline of the political debate over what to do.

Migrants and refugees

Carrie McKinnon: Aminullah

The story of a young Afghan migrant, with refelctions on borders, Calais Migrant Solidarity and Anti-Raids action.

Old but still current
Noam Chomsky: Power and Terror

Chomsky's latest thinking on terrorism, US foreign policy, and the meaning and true impact of militarism in the world today.

And some real classics

Stuart Christie: Granny made me an anarchist

And lots more...

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Freedom Shop has moved

… but not very far. We’re still inside Opportunities for Animals, but at the back of the shop. The new space is a bit more enclosed and feels more like a book shop. We’re still in the process of making it pretty. 

So don’t despair if you don’t see our window display, just wander to the back.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Refugee film screening follow-up

As a follow-up to our film screening last week, here are links to the films we showed:

The Valley Rebels
Migrants: Unaccompanied minors stranded in Paris
Cisarua refugee school (Indonesia)

Also worth watching is this clip titled The real State of Emergency about refugees sleeping rough in Paris.

A good read about a radical critique of borders and a grassoots response to the refugee crisis is Harsha Walia's book Undoing Border Imperialism, available at the Freedom Shop.

We also have a small pamphlet on the increasing militarisation of borders, which can be downloaded here.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Film screening & discussion: What happens to young refugees?

The Valley Rebels

What happens to young refugees?

If on your drive home from work you encountered a group of lost teenage kids, would you stop and help them? That’s what the people from a valley in the French Alps do, and they are being prosecuted for it. Because the kids are “unaccompanied minor” refugees and the authorities don’t know what to do with them.

Amongst the daily news about the “refugee crisis” in Europe, the situation of children is often overlooked. And closer to home, there are about 45 children held in the Australian detention centre on Nauru.

Come and watch the film The Valley Rebels and join a discussion about young refugees and what happens to them.

When: Thursday, 15 June 2017, 6 pm
Where: 17 Tory St, Te Aro
Hosted by the Freedom Shop